DIY Rock Painting Kits
Posted on 07/09/2020

In June, the City created and distributed more than 100 free rock painting kits to our community. There was so much interest, we ran out of kits within the first 20 minutes. We’ve received a lot of inquiries on where we purchased the kits. Well, we made them, and you can too!

Here’s the list of materials that we purchased with the advice from the Newcastle Rocks Facebook group:

Paintbrushes: Each kit included two paintbrushes. We purchased our pack from Michaels, but you can use anything similar. (Link)

White Acrylic Paint: We included a 2-ounce bottle that we purchased from Michaels. This is to apply a base on the rock, before using the acrylic pens to paint over it. (Link)

Acrylic Paint Pens: We included six acrylic paint pens in each kit. We used a few different brands, which were recommended by the Newcastle Rocks group. (Colorfairy and Zeyar)

Mod Podge Sealant: A 2-ounce bottle in each kit to use as a sealant to cover the rock once painted. (Link)

Instructions: Each kit included an instruction page that has rock painting tricks and tips on how to share your #NewcastleRocks creations online. (Link)

These are the materials we used for our kits, but get creative and use whatever suits you! Just ensure they are safe for the environment. Use #NewcastleRocks on social media to share your creations with us!

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