Police News & Blotter | August 15 - September 15, 2021
Posted on 09/20/2021
Newcastle PD PatchThe Newcastle Police Blotter features selected crime reports. This is not a comprehensive list of incidents in Newcastle. Questions? Contact Police Chief Houck at [email protected].  

A Message from Chief Houck
Unfortunately, in this blotter you will see multiple burglaries. This is obviously something NPD does not like to see. You will notice that all but one of them occurred while nobody was home or the house was vacant. In the one burglary that did occur while someone was home, NPD and KCSO units quickly arrived and the suspect was taken into custody and booked into jail.  

We have been dealing with some injury issues over this past month, so our ability to do much traffic enforcement has been less than I would hope. But we have called in some “replacements,” and I can promise you that these numbers are going to head back up unless people learn to read speed limit signs and match their speedometer to what they are seeing. Over this period of time, 46 tickets were written. A vast majority of those were in the past week.

6800 block Coal Creek Pkwy.
WARRANT ARREST—Deputies were called to a disturbance in the area. After speaking further with the RP and learning that she had been in a verbal argument with her boyfriend and he had broken items of hers before leaving on foot, NPD officers were able to locate the man several blocks away. He was detained for the other crime and it was learned he had an extraditable warrant from Arizona. He was booked for that warrant and the other charges are pending.

6800 block Coal Creek Pkwy.
Fight—Two residents of this location called the police on each other each claiming the other had started a fight with them and assaulted them. NPD was lucky enough to speak with both parties and get their vastly different sides of the story. In the end however neither would cooperate with police and no charges were filed.

11800 block SE 98th
Fraud—A woman called NPD to report that at some point in the previous 6 days someone had stolen a check she had sent her friend and fraudulently cashed it using a different name. It is unknown where / when the check was stolen. NPD and the bank are investigating..

6800 block Coal Creek Pkwy.
Theft—A man called to report that sometime in the past two weeks, his storage unit at this location was broken into and multiple items, including two guns, were stolen. NPD is investigating.

12500 block SE 70th
Burglary—NPD responded to this location after the homeowner called to report that a large amount of tools were taken sometime overnight from a residence at this location that was being renovated. There were no cameras or other evidence found at this location.

700 block 121st Pl.
Burglary—NPD responded to a call from to executors of a will for a man whom had deceased 2 weeks prior. When the executors went to the residence to inventory listed items in the will, they noticed that two vehicles and a boat that were listed had gone missing in the previous 2 weeks. One of the vehicles was later recovered in Snoqualmie. AFIS was called to the scene to check for prints. Several were collected, but as of the time of this writing, they have yet to be analyzed for comparison. NPD is investigating.

6400 block Lake WA Blvd.
Theft—A man called to report that some time on 08/22, his electric mountain bike was stolen from his garage while it was left open. NPD was able to put the serial number in a database to see if the bike is pawned.

13800 block Golf Club Road
Theft / Eluding—NPD officers were called to this location for a possible catalytic converter theft in progress. When officers arrived, they observed a suspect and suspect vehicle that was called in by the reporting party. As officers got closer to the suspect vehicle, it fled. New policies do not allow officers to pursue the vehicle for this. NPD has no further suspect info on this incident.

6900 block Coal Creek Pkwy.
Road Rage—NPD was called to this location after a road rage occurred between two drivers along Coal Creek, where one driver cut another off and then honked at them. One party followed the RP into this location and spit on them before leaving. The RP initially told NPD she could ID the spitter, but later declined to assist in any prosecution.

7900 block Coal Creek Pkwy.
Warrant Arrest—NPD officers stopped a young man for going 50 in a 35. When the contacted the man, they found not only was his license suspended, but he also had a warrant for failing to appear on a similar charge. The man was booked into SCORE jail for the warrants and cited for the DWLS and Speed.

13500 block Golf Club Road
Burglary—A man returned home from worked to find his house had been broken into some time during the day. Jewelry, cigars, and cash were stolen. NPD is investigating.

7500 block 137th
Vehicle Prowl—A man called to report that on or around 08/28, his car had been broken into, and a camera and credit card were stolen. THE VEHICLE WAS LEFT UNLOCKED. When he checked his credit card statement, he found a charge had been attempted at a local store on 8/28. NPD collected the video and is investigating.

7400 block 118th Ave SE
Burglary—Multiple NPD and KCSO units responded to the area after the homeowners reported being woken up by the sounds of broken glass and then seeing someone inside their house. When Officers arrived, they surrounded the house and then searched it using a K9. Eventually, on the 3rd floor of the house, officers located a man in the bathroom, who claimed to have been let into the house to use the bathroom. Realizing that the man's story was [baloney]… the officers took him into custody. He was booked into KCJ for burglary.

7500 block 134th
Mail Theft—A family called to report that sometime overnight, two large, boxed pieces of furniture that had been delivered were taken. Video showed two suspects showing up in the early AM and loading the packages up into an SUV and leaving.

7300 block Coal Creek
Catalytic Converter Theft—A victim called to report that they heard a noise outside, and when they looked, they saw someone under their car. They then went down to find that their catalytic converter had been stolen. NPD checked the area but did not find any suspect vehicles.

12500 block SE 74th
Vehicle theft—A man called to report that his vehicle was stolen sometime overnight. THE VEHICLE WAS LEFT UNLOCKED WITH THE KEYS IN IT, AS WELL AS HIS WALLET… Yes, unlocked with keys in it.

12500 block 73rd
Theft from Auto—You will notice the proximity from the previous auto theft. Some time overnight the RP had lights and other items stolen from the inside of his UNLOCKED car.
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