Police News & Blotter | July 15 - 29, 2021
Posted on 07/30/2021
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The Newcastle Police Blotter features selected crime reports. This is not a comprehensive list of incidents in Newcastle. Questions? Contact Police Chief Houck at [email protected].   

A Message from Officer Matt Treadway 

On July 25th several new laws effecting law enforcement and the work we do went into effect in Washington State. You may not have been aware of these laws because they were not voted on by the citizens of Washington, but were passed by the legislator. Many of these new laws will have an impact on what all law enforcement agencies and officers in the State can and can’t do. As always, Newcastle PD is committed to keep all of the residents of Newcastle safe, but these laws will change the way we respond to certain calls, and some calls that we may not respond to altogether anymore. I have found that Kent PD does a great job of explaining the new laws, and I’m not a fan of reinventing the wheel, so  I would encourage you to view the videos on the link below. The other links are full descriptions of the bills on the Washington State legislator website. Some policies or specific nuances in the videos or websites may be different then the way we will operate, but the general information about the laws is the same for the entire State.   

Washington State Legislature – House Bill 1310 

Washington State Legislature – House Bill 1054 

Washington State Legislature – House Bill 1267 

Washington State Legislature – Senate Bill 5051 

Washington State Legislature – Senate Bill 5066 



July 15th – 29th  

Tickets – A total of 4 tickets were written during this time period for various traffic offences.  There were 3 traffic collisions. 


7/16 – 334pm 

Golf Club at Newcastle 

Theft from vehicle – 2 vehicles were broken into (smashed window) at several electronics were taken from inside.  Our detective is reviewing security footage of the incident.  The serial numbers of the items stolen were also entered into a database so the detective will be notified if someone tries to sell them at a pawn store or other legitimate business. 


7/19 – 855pm 

6800 blk Coal Creek Parkway SE 

Stolen vehicle recovery – A vehicle that had been reported stolen to Seattle PD a month earlier was located and recovered at this location.  There was no one inside the vehicle and no evidence left behind.  There is currently no suspect information. 


07/20 – 449pm 

7800 blk 129th Av SE 

Vandalism – Homeowner was inside her home and heard her vehicle alarm going off.  She ran outside and discovered one of her car windows had been shattered and there were pry marks on her door.  The victim heard a car speeding away, but did not see a description of the vehicle or suspect. 


7/21 – 220am 

13100 blk Newcastle Commons Dr 

Commercial burglary – A business at this location was burglarized overnight while closed.  When an employee came to work in the morning they discovered a cash register box containing about $10 and some tablets had been stolen.  This case is actively being investigated. 


7/22 – 212pm 

Lake Boren Park 

Theft from vehicle – A deputy responded after 6 people reported that their vehicles had been broken into in the parking lot of Lake Boren Park.  No high valued items were stolen from any of the vehicles.  There are currently no suspects in this case. 


7/23 – 1000am 

13300 blk Newcastle Commons Dr 

Vehicle theft – A resident called to report his motorcycle had been stolen from this location.  The owner of the motorcycle reported to the deputy that he had his bike set up in such a way that no key was required to start it.  NPD is still awaiting possible surveillance footage from the location. 


07/26 – 128am 

7300 blk Coal Creek Parkway SE 

Domestic disturbance – A female called 911 reporting that she had been in a physical altercation with her boyfriend.  Deputies arrived and spoke to both involved individuals who were heavily intoxicated.  It was determined that no crime had been committed.  The male half did have a warrant for his arrest for an unrelated hit and run.  He was placed under arrest and transported to jail for the warrant. 


07/26 – 1100pm 

7700 blk 116 Av SE 

Catalytic converter theft – Vehicle owner came out to their vehicle which was parked near here.  When he started his vehicle he noticed a strange noise and upon further inspection discovered that the catalytic converter had been stolen.  I’m sure you’ve seen on the news that it is a relatively quick and easy job to steal a catalytic converter off a vehicle.  These are stolen because of the platinum inside of them.  Unfortunately there is not much you can do to stop a theft from stealing a part from under your car, but cameras around your house can be helpful in identifying a suspect.   


7/29 – 1106pm 

13100 blk Newcastle Commons Dr 

Theft from vehicle – The victim parked his vehicle and went inside a local business here.  About 45 minutes later he came out and discovered one of his windows had been smashed.  Missing from inside was a watch, I-pad, laptop and $10,000 in cash.  Folks, please don’t leave these types of things in your car for other people to see and take.  NPD is investigating. 

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