Police Blotter | July 1 - 14, 2021
Posted on 07/18/2021

The Newcastle Police Blotter features selected crime reports. This is not a comprehensive list of incidents in Newcastle. Questions? Contact Police Chief Houck at [email protected].  

A Message from Officer Matt Treadway 

GREAT NEWS, no guns were stolen from unlocked vehicles since the last blotter. Thank you! There were however still some vehicles that were either “broken” into or stolen due to being unlocked, but we’re making progress. During the past two weeks, we had two traffic enforcement operations in the City.  The first was a DUI emphasis over 4th of July weekend resulting in 1 arrest. The second was a motorcycle safety emphasis weekend before last. This was to promote and enforce violations that are leading causes of injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. A total of 20 infractions were written during that emphasis.   

National Night Out 

August 3rd is National Night Out. If your community, neighborhood, or HOA is celebrating and would like a deputy to stop by please contact us so we can set it up.  Send me a direct message on Facebook (@newcastlewapd) or Twitter (@PDNewcastle), or email me at [email protected]. 

Police Blotter, July 1
st – 14th 


Tickets – A total of 24 tickets were written during this time period for various traffic offences as well as 1 DUI arrest. There were 2 traffic collisions. 


07/01 – 0602am 

11700 blk SE 93rd St 

Stolen vehicle – Homeowner came out to her driveway and discovered her vehicle had been stolen sometime overnight. Her other vehicle in the driveway had been entered and rummaged through. Her stolen vehicle was recovered several days later in the City of Renton. 


07/01 – 0651am 

12100 blk SE May Creek Park Dr 

Commercial burglary/vehicle theft – Someone broke into an office at a construction site near this location. After breaking in, the suspect took a key for a work truck parked outside. The suspect then stole the truck. The truck was recovered later the same day a couple miles away in unincorporated King County. This is an ongoing investigation. 


07/1 – 945am 

7900 blk 110th Ave SE 

Stolen vehicle – A motorcycle owner came out of his apartment and discovered that his motorcycle had been stolen. The motorcycle has not been recovered yet and there is no suspect information. 


07/03 – 0105am 

8000 blk Coal Creek Pkwy SE 

DUI – A deputy working a DUI emphasis for 4th of July weekend noticed a vehicle going 59 mph in the posted 35 mph zone on Coal Creek Parkway SE. The deputy pulled the vehicle over and upon contacting the driver believed that he was intoxicated. After further investigation the driver was arrested for DUI. He was transported to jail where his BAC level was .108 (the legal limit is .08). This case has been sent to the Newcastle prosecutor for filing of charges. 


07/05 – 105pm 

13800 blk Newcastle Golf Club Rd 

Vehicle taken w/o permission – A vehicle owner called 911 to report that his vehicle had been stolen. A deputy responded and entered the vehicle into the State and National database for stolen vehicles. A short time later the owner called back to say that his adult son had taken the vehicle, and had since returned it. Because the son has used the vehicle in the past, no crime was committed. 


07/06 – 0937 

6600 blk Lake Washington Blvd SE 

Stolen vehicle  The foreman of a jobsite called to report that one of his work trucks and attached utility trailer had been stolen.  The vehicles have not been recovered yet and there is no suspect information. 


07/08 – 442pm 

6600 blk Lake Washington Blvd SE 

Stolen vehicle recovery – Deputies were dispatched to check on a suspicious vehicle that was reported to be dumping garbage near this location. While the deputies were en route, they were told by dispatch that the vehicle they were being sent to investigate had been reported stolen to Seattle PD a couple weeks earlier. When the deputies arrived the vehicle tried to drive away, but they were able to block the vehicle from leaving. They contacted the driver and passenger. The driver was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle and the passenger was arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant from Renton PD for trespassing. This case was sent to the King County Prosecutor’s Office, who refused to file charges on the driver due to their filing standards. What this means is that, despite this person breaking the law, the Prosecutor’s Office has a higher standard than the law, and if a suspect does not meet that standard, the prosecutor will drop the charges. This is not something that only happens in Newcastle, but all of King County. Obviously, this is very frustrating for me and my deputies who put in a lot of hard work trying to get criminals off of the street. 


07/09 – 903pm 

11800 blk SE 78 St 

Domestic violence assault – Deputies were dispatched to a call for a disturbance between a husband and wife. When they arrived they spoke to both individuals to find out what happened. During the investigation, they learned the male had injuries from being assaulted by his wife. Because of the assault, the female was placed under arrest and taken to jail. 


07/10 – 8pm 

13600 blk SE 81st Pl 

Vehicle Prowl – Vehicle owner came out in the morning to discover their car door was open. Several items had been moved around and a couple things taken. They are unsure if the car door was locked or not. 


07/10 – 10pm 

8200 blk 135th Pl SE 

Vehicle Prowl – This individual locked their car doors, but left their window cracked open. In the morning, their vehicle had been rummaged through, but nothing stolen. 


07/10 – 10pm 

7400 blk 134th Av SE 

Vehicle Prowl – Another person who left their car doors unlocked overnight. Came out in the morning to find their vehicle had been gone through, but nothing appeared to be missing. 


07/12 – 1212pm 

12100 blk SE 77th Pl 

Disturbance – NPD responded to a disturbance near here involving a husband and wife. After investigating, it was determined that the two had only been in an argument and no crime had occurred.  The individuals were given resources on protection orders and social services. 


07/12 – 810pm 

8100 129th Pl SE 

Theft – A deputy was dispatched to take a phone report regarding a theft at this location. Upon speaking to the victim, the deputy learned that a leaf blower was stolen from the victim’s front yard.  There is no suspect information at this time. 


07/13 – 513am 

7600 120th Pl SE 

Stolen vehicle – A homeowner called to report his van had been stolen out of his driveway some time overnight. A deputy responded and entered the vehicle into the stolen vehicle database. There is no suspect information at this time. 


07/14 – 832pm 

7200 blk 134th Ave SE 

Stolen vehicle – Vehicle owner reported that he parked his truck on the street the night before. The next day when he came out his truck was gone. The truck has been entered into the stolen vehicle database and there is no suspect information at this time. 

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