Police News & Blotter | October 28 - November 30, 2021
Posted on 12/03/2021
Newcastle PD Patch

During this time frame, 96 total tickets were written, including DUI arrests, suspended license, and not driving with an ignition interlock.

One way or the other, people are going to get the message not to leave anything in their vehicles overnight or for any long period of time. They are either going to see it on the PD Facebook page, here in the blotter, or they, like several folks in this blotter, are going to learn the hard way. I really do hope it’s one of the former rather than the latter. Please, people, lock your doors, close your garages, take everything out of your car. NPD is out every night trying to stop this from happening, but we need your help. Don’t give thieves a reason to keep coming back here.




13300 block 79th PL

Vehicle prowl— A man called to report that some time in the past several hours, a large number of bike tools were stolen from his van that was parked at his house. The man was not sure the time but did have an app on his phone that showed the doors had been left unlocked for quite some time.


7900 block 14th

Theft from garage—A woman called to report that some time overnight, an electric scooter had been taken from her garage, which she left open all night. 


8000 block 118th

Vehicle Prowl—A man called to report that his vehicle had been prowled sometime overnight, and electronic equipment was stolen. The victim was able to give NPD video of the incident, and we are investigating.


13000 block Newcastle Way

Trespass—Employees at this location called about an unwanted female in the business harassing them and possibly have and mental health crisis. Officers arrived and spoke with her and offered her the mobile crisis team to help her.


15500 block SE 79th

Burglary—NPD responded to this location after a homeowner called to report that at around 430am (yes, 14 hours prior) someone had entered their unlocked car that was parked in the driveway, used the garage door opener and entered the garage, where they began going through multiple cabinets before opening the man door to the house. A that point the alarm went off, and the suspect ran to a waiting vehicle. PD is investigating.




7400 block Golf Club Road

Vehicle Prowl—A woman called to report that in the past day, someone had entered her unlocked vehicle and stolen her driver’s license and US Bank debit card. There was no indication the card had been used when this was reported.




13700 block SE 79th

Vehicle Prowl—A man filled out an online report indicating that some time overnight, his vehicle had been broken into.  Stolen was a wallet and other misc. items that had been left in the vehicle.


12800 block Newcastle Way

Vehicle Prowl—A woman called to report that her vehicle had been broken into at this location. The victim had left her purse on a seat in the car, and someone gained entry by smashing a window. The unknown suspects took her wallet from inside her purse. She then found that four charges totaling about $4k were made online and at local stores. NPD is investigating.




9100 block Coal Creek Parkway

Warrant arrest—A young man stopped for speeding (52 in a 35) had bigger issues when the officer found he had a valid arrest warrant as well for theft. He was arrested and booked into jail on that warrant, and a speeding ticket was left in his property bag…




Golf Club Road / Coal Creek Parkway

Warrant Arrest—A man became upset with an NPD officer when they were towing two vehicles, both with registration expired in April. When he realized he was not going to convince the officer not to tow the vehicle, he began to walk away. In the meantime, officers learned this man had multiple valid warrants for his arrest for no-contact order violations, reckless driving, and displaying of a weapon. The man was taken into custody as he walked away.




6900 block Coal Creek Parkway

Trespass—A business at this location called to report a male had been in the restroom for nearly 1 hour crying. Officers arrived and tried to speak with the man about his problems, but he did not respond to them. The business requested the man be trespassed from the store. Aid was called to check the man’s health / welfare and he checked clear. He was told he would not be allowed in the business for 1yr.




Vehicle Prowl—A woman filled out an online report indicating that some time in the past 3 days, someone had broken to her car and stolen the cash, computer monitor, and other items she had left in the backseat.




9100 block Coal Creek Parkway

Eluding—An NPD officer was monitoring traffic and attempted to stop a vehicle traveling SB at an obvious excess of speed. The driver failed to stop and sped away. The plate on the vehicle came back to a business that had cancelled the plate a year prior, thus the plate should have been turned in and destroyed. The NPD officer did not give chase as the risk to the public was not worth it.




6900 block Coal Creek Parkway

Burglary—A maintenance worker called to report that a business at this location had a broken-out front door. When NPD arrived, they noticed the smashed-out door and product strewn around inside. They also noticed a camera had a paper mask placed over it. Officers looked for and collected evidence and are investigating.


7400 block Golf Club Road

Assault / Theft—A man called to report that he had confronted a man stealing his catalytic converter and when he did, the suspect pointed a gun at him and fled in a vehicle. NPD is investigating.


Stolen License Plates—A man called NPD after a Renton PD officer showed up at his house with the license plates that should have been on his car but had been found on a stolen car dumped in Renton.  NPD arrived and discovered the man had plates on his car that had been stolen from a car in Bremerton.  Bremerton was called and asked to check with that owner. The folks responsible for this put a lot of miles on their (other people’s) vehicles…


8400 block 126th

Burglary—A woman walked out to her garage and placed an iPad in the car, then realized she had forgot something inside. When she came back outside the iPad was gone. NPD is investigating


Nov 12th


7000 block 125th

Vehicle Theft—A man called to report that sometime around 11pm the previous night, his vehicle was stolen from in front of his house. NPD collected the information and the vehicle plate and VIN have been put into a nation database for stolen vehicles.


Nov 13th


7400 block Golf Club Road

Theft—A woman called NPD to report that her car keys were stolen out of the unlocked locker (yes that is correct) she had put them in. When the woman went to her vehicle, she noticed her purse and multiple other items had been taken from her car.


Nov 15


6900 block CCPW

Trespass—A man who has been repeatedly trespassed from this location for lewd behavior and theft returned and was arrested for trespassing. He was booked into jail, but sadly I assume he will be back.


13000 block Newcastle Way

Bank Robbery—The bank in this area called to report they had just been robbed. When officers arrived, they learned a man came in carrying a briefcase and when he got to the teller, he presented a note demanding money. No weapon was implied or observed. The teller handed over some money and the man left. NPD as well as the FBI are investigating.




13100 block Newcastle Commons Drive

Vehicle Prowl—Two people called to report that in the past 1.5 hours, their cars had both been broken into while they were on a walk. Both reported that money from the center consul as well as bags and clothing that had been on the backseat were stolen. NPD is investigating.




11800 block SE 75th

Catalytic Converter Theft—A man went outside to investigate when he heard a loud noise coming from the street. He ended up finding 2 people cutting a catalytic converter from under a neighbor’s vehicle. The man was able to get the license plate of the vehicle the suspects were driving, but it returned as stolen. NPD searched the area but could not find it. NPD is continuing to investigate.




13800 block Golf Club Road

Vehicle Prowl—A man called NPD to report that sometime overnight, his vehicle had been broken into and all the tools in it had been stolen.




13800 block Golf Club Road

Medical assistance—NPD Deputies and Bellevue fire responded to a man slumped over the wheel of a vehicle in the parking lot of this location. When NPD and BFD arrived, it was determined the individual was likely suffering from some sort of overdose. NARCAN was administered and the individual came to. He was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.




Attempted vehicle theft—A man called to report that someone had attempted to steal his vehicle some time in the previous week. The man had trouble with the ignition of the car, and when it was examined closer by a locksmith, it was determined something had broken off in the ignition when someone tried to use something other than a key to start it.




8400 block 126th

Catalytic Converter Theft—A man called to report that sometime in the previous 2 days, his catalytic converter had been stolen. He noticed this when he started the vehicle this AM and heard the noise. A review of security footage from a neighbor shows a car arriving at around 5am and parking near the victim’s vehicle, then leaving 7 minutes later. NPD is investigating.



Newcastle Library

Vandalism / Arson—NPD and BFD responded to the library after the manager called to report he had just put out a small fire in the parking garage. The manager told NPD that he had been checking doors to make sure they were locked up before closing time when he discovered a battery and spray paint can burning. The fire did not cause any damage and there was no real danger to the structure. The manager told NPD he would not be willing to assist in prosecution.

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