Police News & Blotter | July 30 - August 12, 2021
Posted on 08/13/2021
Newcastle PD Patch

The Newcastle Police Blotter features selected crime reports. This is not a comprehensive list of incidents in Newcastle. Questions? Contact Police Chief Houck at [email protected].  
Tickets – A total of 3 tickets were written during this time period for various traffic offences.  There were 2 traffic collisions.


8/06 – 505am

13300 blk SE 79 Pl

Stolen vehicle recovery – A deputy conducting an area check of a residential neighborhood located an unoccupied stolen vehicle that had been abandoned here. The registered owner was notified so he could pick up the vehicle. There is no suspect information at this time. 


8/07 – 1210pm

8300 117th Ave SE

Vehicle theft – A vehicle owner called NPD to report that his car had been stolen from in front of his house. It is unknown if the vehicle was locked or unlocked, and there is no suspect information at this time. The vehicle has been entered into the national database of stolen vehicle.


8/07 – 212pm

7300 125th Pl SE

Family disturbance – A deputy responded after getting a call from a female stating that her boyfriend wouldn’t let her in the house because she has Covid. After talking to the boyfriend, the deputy learned that he indeed was trying to stop his girlfriend from coming inside so she wouldn’t ‘infect’ him. After de-escalating the situation, the two decided it would be best if the girlfriend grabbed some of her belongings and stayed somewhere else for the night. 


8/07 – 837pm

8000 blk 148th Ave SE

Neighbor dispute – Two neighbors were in a dispute over an incident involving taking their dogs for a walk. King County Animal Control was already involved to handle the dog issue. The deputy recommended ways that both neighbors could avoid future conflict.


8/08 – 502pm

13500 blk SE 67th Pl

Burglary – A neighbor called 911 stating that she saw a male with a child riding down the street on a forklift. The male and kid got off the forklift and then broke into an unoccupied house under construction nearby. The male and child were gone by the time a deputy arrived. This case is being actively investigated by NPD.


8/08 – 1032hrs

6800 blk Lake Washington Blvd SE

Trespass – Deputies were called by a homeowner who said someone just tried to enter his home by opening the front door, but was unsuccessful. The male was located by deputies and trespassed from the homeowner’s property.


8/09 – 845am

15100 blk SE 80 St

Burglary – The homeowner reported that sometime in the early morning, two individuals entered her garage (which may have been left open) and stole two electric bicycles.  This case is being actively investigated by NPD.


8/09 – 204pm

14100 blk SE 83rd St

Burglary – A homeowner contacted NPD to report that in the early morning, two suspects entered his unlocked vehicle in the driveway. The suspects used the garage door opener in the vehicle to gain access to the attached garage. Multiple tools and other items were stolen from the garage. Suspect information was obtained and this case may be related to other burglaries in the area. NPD is actively investigating the incident. 


8/9 – 554pm

7300 blk 125th Pl SE

Family disturbance – A deputy got dispatched to a call involving the same two having the ‘Covid conflict’ a couple days earlier. This time the girlfriend accused her boyfriend of assaulting her several times in the past. The female was somewhat uncooperative and was unable to provide details about the alleged assaults. The boyfriend denied the allegations and there was no evidence of a crime. This case has been referred to the Newcastle prosecutor’s office for review and possible filing of criminal charges.


8/10 – 922am

7100 134th Ct SE

Vandalism – The homeowner called to report that some time overnight, one of his vehicle windows had been broken. When deputies arrived, they saw the broken window and found some possible narcotics on the ground outside of the car. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle. The deputies took the narcotics and placed them into evidence to be destroyed. There is no suspect information at this time.


8/12 – 630am

7100 blk 132nd Pl SE

Vehicle theft and recovery – Someone was driving in the area when he noticed his boss’s truck abandoned on the side of the road with the engine running. After contacting his boss they learned that the truck had been stolen, and subsequently abandoned. The vehicle owner retrieved his truck and brought it back home where he called 911.  There is no suspect information at this time.


8/12 – 830am

7000 blk 132nd Pl SE

Larceny from vehicle – This vehicle owner did lock their vehicle, but the suspect damaged the lock to gain access to the inside of the vehicle. Various tools were stolen from inside. There is no suspect information at this time.


8/12 – 230pm

7100 blk 115th Ct SE

Catalytic converter theft – A vehicle owner called NPD to report that his catalytic converter had been stolen off of his Prius. He discovered this when he started the car and it was making an unusual noise. NPD is investigating. 

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