Police Blotter | May 4 - June 8, 2021
Posted on 06/09/2021
Chief HouckThe Newcastle Police Blotter features selected crime reports. This is not a comprehensive list of incidents in Newcastle. Questions? Contact Police Chief Houck at [email protected].  


I know you have all been missing the police blotter. Thankfully our new Community Engagement Coordinator is in place and has way more technical skills than I could ever imagine having and the blotter will be back up and running. Sadly however, it will look very similar to what you were reading about in the past. Despite the PD’s repeated efforts, “please,” warnings etc., we are still seeing the same issues popping up. Car prowls continue to occur where people leave $1000 in valuables in their unlocked cars. These will continue to occur despite our efforts to catch the folks doing them if people continue to give them opportunity / reason to come here. I would love if everyone could leave their personal belongings in their car, unlocked or locked, all day and night without fear they would be taken, but we can’t. If we stop giving them opportunity, they will stop coming here. 


During this time, NPD wrote 54 tickets for multiple, different violations all over the City. This is a lot smaller number than previous reports due to a minor mishap with our Motorcycle officer. That situation is being rectified, and rest assured, we will still be out there to remind those folks if they forget the rules of the road. Please drive safe as summer is here, kids are will be out of school, more people are out riding bikes, walking, etc. 



6900 blk CCPW 

Trespass / Theft—A business called to report a man, whom they have seen steal from the store before, entered the store, took several items off the shelf, and took them to the bathroom. Officers arrived and spoke with the man as he exited the bathroom. Wrappers were found inside the bathroom and in the man’s pocket, indicating he had taken food and liquor into the bathroom and consumed them. The store declined to assist in prosecution and only wished for the man to be trespassed from the store. 



7500 block 138th 

Vehicle Recovery—A man woke up and found a new car parked in his driveway; problem is that car had been reported stolen from the City of Seattle the previous day. NPD responded and collected evidence. NPD is investigating. 


6800 block Coal Creek Pkwy 

Vehicle prowl—NPD responded to the location after the RP called about his vehicle being broken into and his wallet with his SSN, passport, and laptop being stolen sometime overnight. The man indicated these items were all left inside the vehicle and the vehicle was locked. Entry was made by breaking the window. 



13300 block SE 79th PL 

Vehicle Theft—A man called to report that sometime between 4/29 and today, someone had stolen his vehicle while he was out of town. The vehicle plate and info was placed into a national database of stolen vehicles. 



12500 block SE 74th 

Vehicle Theft—A woman called to report that sometime overnight, someone had stolen her F350 pick-up truck from her driveway. She said the vehicle had been locked and she was still in possession of the only keys. As with the incident above, the vehicle was entered into a national database as stolen. 

Theft attempt—Shortly after responding to that theft mentioned above, the victims neighbor noticed that someone had attempted to steal his vehicle and damaged the ignition to the point it was not drivable. NPD attempted to collect prints and other evidence but none were found. 



6800 block Coal Creek Pkwy. 

Vandalism—A woman called to report the seats in her jeep had been slashed by an unknown person. NPD responded and collected a small knife left on the seat and submitted it for prints. The victim said she had no idea who would want to vandalize her vehicle. 



11400 block 76th 

Stolen License Plates—NPD was contacted by Kirkland PD about plates they found on a vehicle during a traffic stop that did not belong to that vehicle, but belonged to a vehicle here in the City. NPD went to that owners address and confirmed that the plates were stolen and had been replaced with other plates that were also stolen. All the plates were recovered. Both Kirkland and NPD are investigating. 



6600 block 132nd PL SE 

Vehicle Recovery—NPD officers happened upon a vehicle parked awkwardly and blocking part of a driveway at this location. A check of the vehicle plate showed it to have been stolen the previous day in a burglary in Seattle. The owner was notified and responded to the scene to claim the vehicle. NPD is investigating. 



11600 block May Creek Park Dr. 

Warrant Arrest—NPD officers were dispatched to a report of a male walking in and out of traffic and yelling for no apparent reason. When NPD officers contacted the man, he was obviously under the influence of alcohol and some unknown narcotics. Another issue he had was that he had failed to show up for a court date; thus he had a warrant for his arrest. NPD arrested him without incident and booked him into jail. 



7000 block 122 Ave SE 

Threats—A man called NPD to report he was the victim of threats. The RP told the officers that about 1 week prior he had sent someone he had only met online through a dating app, nude pictures of himself. A couple days later that person told him that unless he sent him money he would post the pics online. The man sent the person $200. A couple days later the man again sent nude photos to another person he had only met online and once again they told him that unless he paid a ransom they would post the pics online. This time the man sent the person $60. NPD is investigating. 


530 pm 

7500 block 129th Pl SE 

Vehicle prowl—The RP called to report that her vehicle had been broken into sometime during the day. The RP said that just the front passenger window was broken out and that the glovebox had been rummaged through, but nothing was missing. 


130 pm 

ID THEFT—A woman called NPD to report that someone had tried to use her SSN and other personal info to open an unemployment claim. The claim was denied by the state when her employer was contacted and verified she was still employed. 


11800 block SE 87 

Burglary—An RP called to report that sometime since around 8am, someone had broken into her house. When she returned home from work she found that her kitchen window was broken out and that a lock box was stolen from her bedroom. The lock box contained documents like passports and SSNs. Prints were collected from the scene and NPD is investigating. 



11600 block SE 89 

Fraud—A man called to report that his computer had been “hijacked” and that he had paid a $1000 ransom in BestBuy gift cards to get the computer back. The man had been online and his computer was infected with malware, not allowing him to use the mouse or keyboard even after rebooting the computer. Instruction appeared on the screen to call and number. When he did the person instructed him to get $1000 in Best buy gift cards. The man did this and his computer was “released.” It was at this point he called the police to report the incident. 



13200 block Newcastle Way 

Vehicle Theft—A man called to report that his motorcycle was stolen from the parking lot of his condo complex. He had last seen the vehicle the day prior, but when he went to ride it today, it was gone. 



6800 block Coal Creek Pkwy. 

Vehicle Theft—A woman called to report that sometime overnight, her vehicle, which had been broken into, and the keys to her father’s truck had been stolen. When she went to look at her father’s truck, it was gone. NPD entered the vehicle into a national database. 



7900 block 149th 

Vandalism — An RP called to report that their mailbox had been broken off the stand and was found a few block down the street. The RP indicated no mail had been taken, as she had collected it the previous day. 


12800 block Newcastle Way 

Vehicle Prowl — NPD responded to this location after the RP called to report that their vehicle had been broken into and about $1000 worth of clothing and sunglasses were stolen. The vehicle was left unlocked. 



8800 block 129th 

Vehicle Prowl—A man called to report that sometime overnight, someone had broken the rear window of his vehicle and stolen a bag containing his children’s clothes. The vehicle was locked at the time 


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