SE 80th Street Non-Motorized Improvement Study 

The Public Works Department is in the preliminary stages in evaluating options for potential pedestrian safety improvements on SE 80th Street.  The study area is the 11400 to 11600 block and on the north side of the street.  Two new private residential developments are under construction in the neighborhood.  Residents have raised concerns about pedestrian safety based on the type of improvements installed and the increased vehicle trips associated with the new developments and related street connection on 113th Avenue SE .

As part of the the review process, new developments are required to provide a pedestrian access route from their site to the nearest school walking route or school bus stop.  For the Hazelwood Gardens subdivision (aka Rhododendron Ridge), the developer was required to provide a pedestrian access route along SE 80th Street from the end of the current sidewalk to 116th Avenue SE.  Through the design review process, the pedestrian route was approved as a concrete vertical curb to achieve pedestrian-vehicular separation.  Public testimony received at the [DATE] Public Hearing for the Rhododendron Ridge subdivision expressed/affirmed the design... [add comments received]
  The City initially specified the improvements were to be a concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk but the Developer pushed back based on valid case law that cities are not able to to require specific off-site improvements.

Study Area

In response to public comments received at the March 3, 2020 City Council meeting City Staff was tasked with exploring possible options for enhancing the SE 80th Street pedestrian facility.  This work was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are now at a point where the information is ready for review.

Staff prepared four different designs alternatives.  These options Include:

1) Full Improvements - Replace the current improvements with a 5 foot wide concrete sidewalk, concrete curb & gutter, concrete curb ramps, and drainage improvements (required  to relocate the existing catch basin). 
Estimated construction cost:  $171,000

2) Raised asphalt walk - This option infills the existing pedestrian vertical curb, asphalt curb ramps.  
Estimated construction cost:  $51,500

3) Maintain Existing - Maintain the existing pedestrian improvements.
Estimated construction cost:  $0.00

4) Painted Walk - Enhance the existing pedestrian improvements by applying material that distinguishes the pedestrian path with a higher contrast color or pattern to better separate and distinguish the vehicle and pedestrian areas.
Estimated construction cost:  $42,000


Cross Section

Concept Images for Option 4:




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