Public Records Requests

Newcastle’s records include a wide variety of documents in paper or electronic format, data and other materials like photographs. Anyone can submit a request for public records. Before submitting a request, check to see if the document is available online by visiting the online documents center at

In many cases, city staff can readily provide information or frequently requested records without the need to file a public records request. Information and public records are available at Newcastle City Hall during regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding legal holidays.

The City Clerk serves as the public records officer for all city records, except documents maintained by other agencies the city contracts with for services such as police, fire or municipal court.

For Newcastle Police records, visit this King County Sheriff public disclosure webpage at

Find information on submitting requests for fire or emergency medical records at this City of Bellevue site at

For Newcastle court records, contact the court directly by calling 206-275-7604.

The City of Newcastle provides access to public records in the city’s possession under the provisions of the Washington State Public Records Act. The city’s rules are found in Chapter 2.40 of the Newcastle Municipal Code and the city's records disclosure policy.

Submitting a Public Records Request

Records requests can be submitted electronically or in person. If you need to file a public records request, submit it online by filling out this electronic form. An email will be sent automatically to the records officer.

The records officer will respond to records requests within five business days by providing access to the record or record copies, acknowledging receipt of the request and providing a reasonable time estimate for response, providing a redacted record, or denying the request in part or in full. Time extensions beyond the original estimate may be necessary. In this case, the records officer will provide a revised time estimate and explanation.

Public records requests can also be submitted by sending an email directly to the records officer at [email protected]. Provide a reasonable notice that you are submitting a public records request and include your name and address, other contact information, the records you are looking for, and how you would like to receive them. Please provide as much information as possible to ensure an efficient response.

You may also fill out a public records request form and attach it to your email. The form assists in making sure you have included all the information the city needs.

Send requests by regular mail to:

City Clerk, Public Records
Newcastle City Hall
12835 Newcastle Way, Suite 200
Newcastle, WA 98056

Requests can be made verbally at the City Hall address listed above, or by calling the records officer at 425-649-4444. The records officer or other designated staff person receiving your request verbally will complete a public records request form on your behalf to facilitate response. Public records requests are public records.

While processing requests, the records officer may ask questions to assist in locating records, prioritizing search efforts, or determining if a regulatory exemption applies. You may also be contacted concerning time estimates for response, providing records in installments, or fees and fee estimates.


Some records are exempt from disclosure, in whole or in part. See the Washington State Attorney General’s exemption list for those found in the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56. In addition, there are other statutes not listed in the Public Records Act that may exempt or prohibit disclosure of certain documents. The city is required to keep a list of these other exemptions, which you can view here. View this Municipal Research and Services Center publication for additional information.

If a record is redacted or denied, the records officer will provide the specific legal justification.

Receiving Your Public Records

The records officer will notify you when your records are assembled and ready to transmit. Records responsive to your request can be reviewed free of charge at Newcastle City Hall during regular business hours. Paper copies can be made. Electronic files can be transmitted by email if possible, through a file transfer process site or by placing the files on physical storage media.

The following fees apply to electronic and paper copies:

Paper copies $0.15 per page. Per-request charges of $7.50 or less are waived.
Scanned documents $0.10 per page scanned. Per-request charges of $7.50 or less are waived.
Electronic files provided by electronic delivery $0.05 for every four files. Per-request charges of $7.50 or less are waived.
Postage for transmitting paper copies Actual cost
Storage media for electronic files Actual cost

For voluminous or frequently occurring requests, an agreement with an alternative fee arrangement may be required. Actual costs will be charged for providing customized access services such as information technology services.

Closing Public Records Requests

After you receive your public records, the records officer would be interested in hearing from you. Help us close your request by letting us know if you are satisfied, how satisfied you are, and if there is anything that could have improved the experience. This response is optional.

The records officer will consider your request closed if you are notified your records are available and the records are not viewed or picked up within 30 days.

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