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Traffic Calming

It’s important to know that there is “no one-size fits all solution” to address traffic calming concerns.  Site-specific solution(s) are desirable given that every street and neighborhood is different.  Some of the variables may include:  posted speed limits, street slope and curvature, actual speeds, traffic volumes, street width, extent of sidewalks (or lack thereof), proximity to a school zone, proximity to a park, and/or traffic signals.  The anticipated cost of the solution, if construction is involved, needs to be carefully vetted to determine if it is cost-effective for a specific situation.

Traffic Calming Policy:

Resolution 2012-0519 
Appendix A 

Traffic Enforcement Requests:
Traffic Enforcement Form

Speed and Volume Reports:
Annual Studies

Traffic Signal Coordination Times
The following schedule identifies the times in which there is coordination between signals.  During these times the arterial streets have priority whereas side streets accessing Coal Creek Parkway or Newcastle Way activate according to the cycle lengths below (weekdays only).
Coordination Period Begin  End  Cycle Length 
Morning 7:00 AM  9:00 AM  150 Seconds 
Mid-Day (none)      
Afternoon 3:00 PM  6:30 PM  140 Seconds 
(Updated 9/8/2021)

Coal Creek Parkway (Between Newcastle Golf Club Rd and SE 79th Pl)
Photo by Kerry Sullivan
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