2018 City Goals and Strategic Priorities

The City Council and City Manager first established a list of goals and priorities through a strategic planning process in 2015. The current City Council updated the list in March 2018.

A. Continue to manage City operations with sound fiscal planning and actions that ensure long‐term sustainability.
1. Develop a long range financial plan
2. Evaluate long‐term staffing, compensation and facility needs
3. Develop and prioritize an investment plan for capital facilities
4. Evaluate various budgeting models
5. Review real property assets for possible revenue opportunities

B. Maintain a safe community with a high quality built and natural environment.
1. Evaluate the short and long-term needs and costs for police and fire services.
2. Develop a Newcastle specific crime prevention plan
3. Develop a parks and trails project implementation strategy
4. Evaluate and implement appropriate levels of infrastructure maintenance
5. Evaluate existing tree regulations for possible improvements

C. Encourage community engagement and provide customer service excellence.
1. Update and implement the Communication Strategic Plan ensuring it is achievable and balances traditional and digital media
2. Solicit feedback from residents via methods such as neighborhood meetings and other forms of community outreach
3. Support diverse media options
4. Use technology to provide and improve processes that are efficient and responsive.

D. Encourage a vibrant local economy with additional amenities and services.
1. Create historic destinations that celebrate the City’s rich heritage
2. Evaluate the Lake Boren area for opportunities that take full advantage of the lake and park
3. Work with local commercial property owners to maintain and expand business opportunities

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