Spring Recycling Event | By The Numbers
Posted on 04/10/2019

We had a great turnout at Newcastle's Spring Recycling Event. We received 438 carloads of recyclable materials, keeping a total of 40,734 pounds (or 20.4 tons) of items out of the landfill!

Funding was provided by the Washington state Department of Ecology Local Solid Waste Financial Assistance Program, the King County Solid Waste Division and the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County.

Thank you for protecting the environment and keeping these items out of the landfill! Here's a closer look at what Newcastle residents recycled.


40,734 pounds of recyclable material (20.4 tons)

— 19,560 pounds of appliances, scrap metal and electronic equipment. The material will be sorted and recycled by various metal recyclers in the Seattle area.

11,290 household batteries (1,129 pounds). The batteries will be dismantled and the hazardous material disposed of properly through All Battery

6,780 pounds of reusable household goods. This material was collected by the Northwest Center for resale through their retail outlets with the proceeds going to their charity and education programs.

6,680 pounds of cardboard. The cardboard collected will be recycled by Sonico and International Paper.

57 used tires (1,425 pounds). The tires will be reused if in good condition. If not, they’ll be chipped and made into products such as garden hoses, playground mats, road bedding and burned as fuel.

32 cubic yards of Styrofoam (380 pounds). The material will be processed by Styro Recycle in Renton.

18 propane tanks (900 pounds). The tanks will be reused through a cylinder exchange service or will be recycled as scrap metal.

14 lead acid batteries (485 pounds). The batteries will be dismantled, the acid disposed of properly and the cores recycled into new batteries through All Battery.

14 mattresses and box springs (420 pounds). The mattresses and box springs were collected for recycling by Uptekk Recycling.

7 used refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners (2,450 pounds). The ozone-depleting chemicals and gas will be removed from these units and disposed of properly by Total Reclaim in Seattle

7 toilets and sinks (525 pounds). The porcelain material will be processed by Lloyd Enterprises into concrete material.

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