Crime Prevention Tips | Theft and Fraud
Posted on 11/07/2018

A Message from Newcastle Police Chief Jason Houck

Theft is the most prolific crime WE are all dealing with here in Newcastle. I say "WE" because it affects all of us here in the city, whether you are a victim of the actual theft or not. If your stuff is stolen you end up spending hours on the phone canceling credit cards, etc., but even if it wasn’t your stuff, we as the police are spending our time investigating that theft when we could be out in your neighborhood deterring any other possible criminal activity. Please, let’s work together on this. As I like to say, crime fighting is a team sport and WE are all on the same team.

With that, here is some great advice from your local Newcastle Detective Chris Leyba: 

We would like to remind our residents not to leave credit cards, checks and other financial access devices in unlocked or unsecured areas. Recently, we have had several cases in which thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges have been made to victims’ credit cards after they were stolen. The most unfortunate part of these cases was that many of the victims left these cards in unsecured lockers and vehicles.

Often, the reality is that businesses where these cards are fraudulently used either do not have video or do not respond to requests for video of the transactions. It is also noteworthy to mention that these businesses do not keep track of declined charges, therefore, police are not going to be able to secure video in the instance your credit card company catches and stops the fraudulent charges. This is often the only means of catching suspects in these cases, which means they frequently become very difficult to solve.

The Newcastle Police Department recommends you keep access devices on your person while at public places, such as the gym. We also highly encourage you not to leave your credit cards in vehicles overnight, especially when those vehicles are left unlocked.

If you do become a victim of credit card fraud in the City of Newcastle, please feel free to call us at 206-296-3311 to report the matter! Thank you and stay safe.

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